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Isis Paden, MD

Physician, CEO / President

Isis Paden, MD, also lovingly known to her colleagues and students as "Dr. Ice", is a physician, scientist and mentor. She is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She attended American International School of Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine and Clark Atlanta University where she founded the successful annual "Love Bug" health seminar.

At a young age Dr. Paden was submerged in the medical field. She spent every summer of her youth in a science program. With her first mentor being a reconstructive surgeon, she was exposed to the "awe" of medicine and the passion was ignited.  The knowledge that her mother was diagnosed with and survived Guillain Barre Syndrome fueled that fire.  And the fact that her great uncle was a founding member of the Board of Trustees at Morehouse School of Medicine gave her a legacy to live up to.

Dr. Paden developed a matriculation outline that would save medical schools time and medical students finances.  While enrolled herself, she rotated with students who attended a variety of U.S. and foreign medical schools.  She later communicated with several of those schools and alumni. Dr. Paden concluded that there is a major need for clinical clerkship assistance from the standpoint of both student and institution.  Education was needed.  Her company Infinite Royalty, LLC was born.

Being an academic physician is a path Dr. Paden had no intention of traveling.  It demands a serious commitment.  It requires keeping up with the latest in medical advances.  The hours are long, assessments never ending and ever changing policies ... well, that needs no explanation. However, the reward of knowing that she is not only helping to save lives, but is contributing to the evolution of the new doctor as she describes it is "like no other".  Dr. Paden has the joy of helping patients.  She has the ability to make an impact with even more patients' health through her student doctors.

With hobbies ranging from racing her muscle car on the track to horseback riding to ice skating, the excitement and variability of her career in medicine fits her personality perfectly.

"Thank you! I started right away and the rotation was easily approved by my school."

One of the most highly respected clinical rotation experiences in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Us

Infinite Royalty, LLC provides U.S. core and elective clerkship opportunities for international medical students and graduates in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We understand that attending an international medical school can be difficult and in most cases there is no point of contact in the U.S. to guide you. We can help! Our staff is friendly and very responsive

Infinite Royalty was founded by a Dr. Isis Paden, a practicing physician who rotated several medical students and communicated with several medical schools before deciding to take a more active roll in assisting students with finding both affordable and credible rotation in the Atlanta Metro area.  Since its start, Infinite Royalty has grown tremendously and is happy to extend these clinical slots to you!